What’s new with serial microcrystallography? - Romain Talon -

Online Seminar
Start Date
08-07-2020 11:00
End Date
08-07-2020 12:00
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Coordinator contact(s)
Ed Mitchell

Scientific contact(s)
Dr Romain Talon



Industry@ESRF-EBS online seminar

What' new with serial microcrystallography?

Dr Romain Talon, industrial liaison for structural biology at ESRF




With the ESRF’s new extremely bright source (EBS) enabling smaller and more intense X-ray beams on the ESRF macromolecular crystallography beamlines, we expect to do everything faster and better with smaller protein crystals. However, because of radiation damage, small (<20um) crystals cannot usually tolerate normal data collection strategies and obtain a complete data set from a single crystal. As only a short-rotation wedge can be collected on each crystal, we rely on multi-crystal data collection (MXD) and Synchrotron Serial Crystallography (SSX) to obtain a complete data set, techniques that will therefore be popular in this EBS era.

These new techniques are expected to be of serious interest to the pharmaceutical industry – enabling routine high quality data collection from micro-crystals which, before, would not have been possible.

In this webinar, we will present our MXD workflow, what we expect to have for SSX at the ESRF, and explain why these techniques should interest industry in the future.


Online seminar now available on our YouTube channel: