From Dynamic Phase-Contrast Imaging to 3D X-ray Elastography

Start Date
09-03-2020 10:00
End Date
09-03-2020 11:00
Room 500 - 501, Central Building
Speaker's name
Ludovic BROCHE
Speaker's institute
Contact name
Eleanor Ryan
Host name
Alexander RACK
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In the past years, Phase Contrast Imaging has become a standard imaging method used in synchrotron sources thanks to its ability to enhance remarkably image contrast at high spatial resolution. With the development of high frame rate detectors, structural imaging of fully dynamic processes has quickly expanded to a range of application, going from transient material states to bio-medical physiology. Nevertheless, the representation of these dynamic samples remains mainly structural and their inner mechanical properties remain unknown at the macro-scale.

The first part of the talk will focus on a retrospective of previous X-ray Phase contrast dynamic imaging studies, on the mechanical and physiological behavior of biomedical tissue.

We will explore, in the second part, the potential development of a new imaging technique to map in 3D the intrinsic elastic properties of a sample. The technique exploits the elastography principles coupled with an x-ray speckle based imaging setup. 

In the last part of the talk, we will present potential applications of the technique, from geological study to material characterization.

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