New focusing systems for soft X-ray spectroscopy

Start Date
21-02-2019 14:00
End Date
21-02-2019 14:30
Room MD1-21
Speaker's name
Yasunori SENBA
Speaker's institute
Contact name
Fabienne Mengoni
Host name
Ray Barrett
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Advanced spectroscopies such as an angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) requires microfocusing optics having characteristics of long working distance, achromatism, high efficiency and high stability.
Wolter mirror can meet these demands and has advantage of large allowance of alignment errors due to satisfy roughly the Abbe sine condition.
We designed a monolithic Wolter-type mirror as sub-micron focusing optics dedicated to ARPES apparatus.
I will present not only performance of the Wolter mirror but also other work in optics group.

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