Procter & Gamble join forces with the ESRF and ILL


The international company Procter & Gamble (P&G), together with the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) and the neutron source Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), have signed a Master Collaboration Agreement today, making ESRF and ILL strategic research partners to P&G. This signature sets up a collaboration framework between the partners to help advance industrial research with the support of our facilities and skills.

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Gerard Baillely, Vice President R&D Corporate Functions of P&G says “Innovation is the lifeblood of P&G. We believe that our best innovation benefits from the most advanced sciences to precisely measure and characterize materials. Our joint work in this field with ESRF and now ILL has been very valuable to develop high quality, affordable and irresistibly superior products. This strategic partnership between P&G, ESRF and ILL will continue to help accelerate our innovation program.”

Procter & Gamble scientists have been coming to the ESRF since 2004. The first experiments were focused on understanding and optimising the microstructure behind Clairol Perfect 10, the first ever product in the market that reduced the time required for hair colouring at home in just 10 minutes, but they have evolved throughout the years. In recent years, scientists have studied as diverse subjects as detergent (liquid and powder), fabric conditioner, hair and skin products, fibres (fabric, hair, diapers, wipes), packaging, polymer films and tooth.


All the people involved in the Master Collaboration Agreement, including representatives from P&G, ESRF and ILL. Credits: Serge Claisse.

Eric Robles, Research Fellow of P&G says “We have been working with ESRF and ILL for more than a decade now to reveal the fundamental microstructure of our materials and products which help the entire development process, from manufacturing to performance optimization. Looking forward, we will co-develop new capabilities that allow us to continue to push the boundaries to deliver even more breakthrough benefits.”

Francesco Sette, director general of the ESRF says “Understanding the structure of matter is at the centre of today’s challenges for industry. Over the years, the ESRF, with its partner from the EPN Science Campus ILL, has forged dynamic partnerships for strategic and innovative industrial sectors. The long-term partnership with P&G, a company that strongly invests in research for its development, is a great example of this commitment for innovation”. For Ed Mitchell, head of the Business Development Office, this represents a step further in the ESRF’s relationships with industry: “It opens doors to a new kind of collaboration, deepening our relationship with P&G, and demonstrating how we can work on a long-term basis with industry. We have many exciting innovative research ideas already in progress with P&G and ILL”.


During the visit of the ESRF. Credits: Serge Claisse.


Top image: The signature ceremony for the Master Collaboration Agreement. Credits: Serge Claisse.