Forthcoming seminars

Type Start Date End Date Name
Seminar 23/05/2019 23/05/2019 Micro-spectroscopic characterization of environmental samples and ray tracing study to implement a submicron X-ray beam in ID21 beamline
Seminar 03/06/2019 03/06/2019 Towards full Silicon Carbide based x-ray beam monitoring
ESRF-ILL Joint Colloquia 07/06/2019 07/06/2019 Gluttonous black holes

Past seminars

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Type Start Date End Date Name
Seminar 13/05/2019 13/05/2019 A Vertical Phase Space Beam Position and Emittance Monitor for Synchrotron Radiation
Seminar 30/04/2019 30/04/2019 How to start writing and get your research paper done
Seminar 01/04/2019 01/04/2019 Enabling collaborative data exploration with modern HDF5 and Jupyter Notebooks
Seminar 07/03/2019 07/03/2019 Serial femtosecond crystallography and photolyase: in crystallo photoactivation and DNA repair
PhD Defense 27/02/2019 27/02/2019 Structural Studies of ACAD9 and mitochondrial complex assembly factors to investigate their role in neurodegeneration
Seminar 27/02/2019 27/02/2019 Theoretical spectroscopy - as it may help in solve tricky puzzles in chemistry
Seminar 21/02/2019 21/02/2019 Industrial Applications at SPring-8 public beamline
Seminar 21/02/2019 21/02/2019 New focusing systems for soft X-ray spectroscopy
PhD Defense 20/12/2018 20/12/2018 Monophosphate tungsten bronzes and antimony: the interplay between framework instability and electron-phonon coupling
PhD Defense 11/12/2018 11/12/2018 Resonant inelastic X-ray scattering as a probe of exciton-phonon coupling